Where Can You Purchase My Smudge Sticks!?

I'm so excited for you all to get your hands on my Gift From The Alberta Prairies smudge sticks! (Lengthy name, I know. But they really are a gift from the land I love!)

My smudge sticks are made from Pekisko Prairie Sage, AKA Dakota Sage, AKA White Sagebrush, AKA Artemisia Ludoviciana.

Currently, you can purchase my smudge sticks by contacting me, purchasing them from my website, or at one of my stockists. I'm so unbelievably grateful to have my smudge available for sale at these amazing Southern Alberta retailers!

Primal Soul on Mainstreet Nanton

Elysian Alchemy in Inglewood, Calgary

The Little Apple Cafe in Longview

If you're a small business looking to provide smudge to your clientele, hit me up! I'm always excited to partner with other spirituality-based business owners!

It is my absolute greatest joy to harvest, bundle and create these love-filled sage bundles for you all.


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