The Components Of Honourable Harvest

Honourable Harvest is a sort of guideline to the harvesting of plants, but it can apply to animals as well. The key to harvesting is to do so with a grateful heart and to listen closely to the plants. Who wants to be harvested, who wants to be left to grow and exist?

If you're interested in learning more about harvesting I suggest you read Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall-Kimmerer or check out the Elixirs For Life website, where Kandis, the proprietor has written many articles on harvesting, the spiritual messages of plants, and more!

The principles of Honourable Harvest are:

Ask permission of the ones whose lives you seek. Abide by the answer.

Never take the first. Never take the last.

Harvest in a way that minimizes harm.

Take only what you need and leave some for others.

Use everything that you take.

Take only that which is given to you.

Share it, as the Earth has shared with you.

Be grateful.

Reciprocate the gift.

Sustain the ones who sustain you, and the Earth will last forever.

Thank you for creating this list.


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