Honourable Harvest - Reciprocate The Gift.

Honourable Harvest - Reciprocate the gift.

When harvesting it's best to leave an offering. Kandis, the proprietor of Elixirs For Life, taught me to always leave something as a gift to show gratitude for the plant sharing its life force energy with us!

Often tobacco is given as an offering. But anything goes, really. (As long as it’s not man-made.) I’ve heard even of people leaving spit!

My friend, Alana told me once that her father, a Cree Elder, would leave their baby teeth as an offering.

This gave me the idea to leave a bison tooth, that my father gave me, as an offering.

Ideas for offerings might be

• a strand of hair, an offering that Kandis taught me you can leave when you don’t have any offering with you

• tobacco - of course

• a pinch of herb

• a crystal

• teeth or bone

• water

• a song

Additionally, I always bring back the stems and other pieces of sage that I don’t use and return them to the land. This way I am showing gratitude to Pachamama for her gift of the plants, and letting her keep anything that I don't need.

And in this way, I honourable harvest.


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