2021 With Intention Giveaway

Get involved with this southern Alberta giveaway for spiritually aligned, soulful businesses looking to boost their following, and make connections within the industry!

Hi there! ⭐️ I'm so glad you found your way to this page!

I’m wanting to organize a soulful giveaway for the spiritual businesses in our southern Alberta community! 

A few of these companies are my social media marketing clients, but I’d like to expand it to help others grow as well, and make this a wonderfully successful giveaway to propel our small businesses into success this new year! ⭐️🖤

This giveaway will be called the 2021 With Intention giveaway.

My aim is to gather 5-10 soulful businesses that would like to get involved by contributing $150 (minimum, but going slightly over is, of course, fine) of product or service from their business to this giveaway and by doing so attract more aligned people towards their business!

If you’d like to put up a service such as Reiki, yoga, or guided meditation, you are welcome to. Another option is to put perhaps $50 of product in, and then a $100 gift card to get the winner into your business! 

Every account will post the giveaway so we can get the maximum amount of reach to those in the community who enjoy our soul-based products and services! 

The benefits for the companies involved are increased exposure through like-minded, other soulful businesses, networking, as well as of course the new followers you will gain!

The benefit of doing a niche giveaway is that the followers you gain through this giveaway already love products and services in the spirituality realm! These are your people! 🖤

The giveaway will be worth anywhere from $750- to $1,500! Making this a HUGE and exciting giveaway that people will be very excited to get involved with. 

If the giveaway reaches a total of 10 accounts involved, and so a total value of $1,500, I will split the giveaway up into 3 winners!

I have created other giveaways in the past that have created ~500 followers for each account involved! That’s huge growth!

I will come and pick up your contribution, as well as photograph it alone, as well as with the rest of the giveaway, and create graphics to promote. You can use these photos to promote the giveaway!

If you’d like to get involved, please let me know. If you know a soulful business that this would be a good fit for, please feel free to share 🖤⭐️

Happy new year! ⭐️

Shelby Stewart

Marketing With Soul

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