20 affirmations for creating massive abundance in all areas of your life!

How to use this download to rewire your brain for massive abundance
I created this download one afternoon when I was feeling anxious about meeting the goals I had set for my business. I felt like I was hoping for too much, didn’t have what it takes, and that the sales wouldn’t come. I knew then that this feeling of unease was tipping me off that I had a doubt deep in my mindset that I would not be able to pull off my first launch! 
I switched my mind's inner conversation from “This isn’t going to happen for me” to "Of course I can do this! I'm destined for success. I love my business and I have so much greatness to offer my community."
And then, I got started on digging out this doubt! That was when I created these 20 affirmations for massive abundance.
Affirmations work by reprogramming your mind through repetition into being wired for abundance. Print off this sheet and cut up all of these affirmations. Next stick them in places you will see them often! 
I have mine in my car, on all of my mirrors, on my vision board, clipped to my lampshades, in my wallet, on my fridge, on the doors of my home, as bookmarks, and in many more places.
Get creative with where you put them and be mindful to read them when you pass by. Every week gather them up and rearrange them around your space so they don't disappear into your surroundings. I find if you never move them, you'll stop noticing them!

These affirmations have made a world of difference in my abundance mindset, and now I've passed them onto you! It is my hope that you’ll enjoy and use them often.
Thank you for being a part of the MWS community, and I wish you all the best!

- Shelby

To download simply click the button in the right-hand corner that is a page dogtagged, with an arrow facing down. When ready to print, print in black and white!

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